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International Year 1 – B.A. in Design, Fashion and Visual Arts

Attending a bachelor’s degree in art and design in Italy is exciting and rewarding.  The course is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education and it grants admission to the 2nd and 3rd years of bachelor’s degree programs at any Fine Arts Academy and Design School in Italy.

The course is taught in English including structured Italian language classes to reach the necessary level to continue with your studies. interact with the local community and work in Italy.


This course is meant to provide you with a hands-on experience with Italy’s design culture and spirit of artistic experimentation. You will expand your knowledge of history, your technical skills, your expertise in materials, your critical and creative thinking abilities, and your presentation skills.

You will learn how to use the most innovative digital tools for professional design projects and, together with your fellows, you will learn how  to create and present a project.

The course is a combination of theoretical lessons, case studies and workshops, site visits are an integral part of the program’s learning experience and are designed to complement what is acquired in the classroom as well as serve as an on-going orientation to the field.

Contact us right away, let us know more about your interests, we are happy to help choose the most appropriate program for your future career. 

Do you need a visa?

Western European citizens do not require visas to enter Italy unless their stay exceeds 90 days. Citizens of other countries should inquire at the nearest Italian Consulate about entry formalities and requirements.
In some cases, you need a visa, application for which can be made at the Italian Diplomatic and Consular Representations in your country of residence. In case you are uncertain if you need a visa, please kindly check the following website:
A document confirming the study holiday will be issued only after full registration of the participant, and upon receipt of payment for the entire language stay. Students are responsible for obtaining the visa and any corresponding costs.
Against surcharge, we are also able to assist you during the procedure to obtain the permit of stay (= permesso di soggiorno) at the local authorities. Please kindly inform us before arrival if you are in need of a study visa, respectively residency permit.

Send us your enquiry form to receive a detailed description of the program.

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